The itch to experiment is one every brewer needs to scratch and at Tuatara we’ve decided to go public with our own esoteric tendencies. Commuters fleeing the metropolis every night will note the transformation of the old printers at 30 Arthur St on the bypass into a new Tuatara Temple of Taste – The Third Eye.

We owe the name to one of the lesser-known attributes of our namesake, a hidden pineal eye located on the top of its tiny head. Most obvious at birth and then scaling over later, the tuatara’s third eye even has its own rods, cones and retina and at best guess it seems to be involved in either regulating its circadian rhythms or making speculative prognostications on the Hurricanes’ pre-season form.

As a source of inspiration, what bunch of self-respecting beer geeks could ask for more? At the Third Eye we’ve installed an in-house microbrewery to slake our lust for new sensations and new brews will emerge regularly. We’ll also have some guest taps from our craft beer comrades. We’ll be serving the old favourites as well, so those who fear change need not despair. For a full-immersion Tuatara experience, The Third Eye is everything the beer-struck fan-person could desire. We’d love to see you there.