New Skin, Same Beast - New look for Tuatara

Posted on Wednesday 16/11/2016

Tuatara’s core range of beers have shed their old skins. But underneath the new skins, lie the same beast - our attentively crafted, delicious New Zealand craft beers.

You’ll see that our Bohemian Pilsner, Bavarian Hefe, Helles Lager and Aotearoa Pale Ale not only have a new look, but also new names to better reflect the styles and personalities of each beer.

Many have said the new packaging is a bold move, but Marketing Manager, Melanie Percy, says whilst the existing Tuatara branding wasn’t broken, it needed to move forward with the ever-changing landscape of the craft beer market.

“We all really loved the old branding and packaging, but we hadn’t touched it for 13 years. These days there are so many craft beers to choose from, we just needed a bit of a spruce up,” she says.

Melanie said the timing was right to look at refreshing elements of the brand and pull out all the really good things such as the “crafty’ aesthetic with the woodcut Tuatara word mark.

Blair Harley, Tuatara National Sales Manager, had sought feedback from Tuatara’s customers in the lead up to the brand refresh.

“We were consistently hearing that as well as looking for interesting beer, craft beer drinkers were also very mindful of interesting names, packaging and tap badges - a visual story.

“So as well as looking at packaging, we talked about moving away from style-based names and focusing on descriptor-names that said something about the personality of the beer.

“It's early days but we are getting fantastic feedback from customers, who were also driving the need for change and keen to see what would come out of what has been about an 18 month project all up,” he says.

And while Melanie acknowledges there has been a lot of commentary about the need to rename Tuatara core range beers, she says the landscape has changed since Tuatara began.

“When Tuatara first started out, Carl was keen to educate Kiwis about really good international craft beer and where it came from. Back then, not many people knew what a Pilsner, Helles Lager or Hefeweizen was, so it was really important for us to state that boldly on the bottle.

“There were only a handful of craft breweries that were making bottled craft beers at that time, so it was really logical, and it did its job and well, they are still in the market 16 years on.

“Now, New Zealand has moved along and is one of the most engaged craft beer markets. There are so many great craft beers on offer they are buying beer that look as great as they taste.

“Alongside that, not only has the market moved on, but the beers themselves have changed. When Carl first brewed a Pilsner, it was based on a Bohemian Pilsner in style. Now our kiwified Pilsner is arguably a unique style in its own right; it has all home grown ingredients, and we just wanted to embrace that by having a name that is distinctively New Zealand.

“While we have focused on our core range to date, our other beers will be 'freshened up' over the coming months.”

Tuatara’s line-up of core range beers are:

Sauvinova (Single Hop Pale Ale) - One of the newer beers in the year-round range, the name has stayed the same but new packaging better reflects the huge bomb of Nelson Sauvin hops used in this brew. Sauvinova has proved to be one of Tuatara’s most popular beers, endorsed by winning NZ’s Champion Pale Ale at the 2016 Brewers Guild Awards.

Mot Eureka (Bohemian Pilsner) - This NZ Pilsner was named after the hops in the beer - all home grown in the sunny Motueka region of South Island NZ. Mot Eureka won Best in Class, in the NZ Lager category of the 2016 Brewers Guild Awards. 

Helluva (Helles Lager) - The adjective you’re likely to use about the day you've had preceeding the enjoyment of this crisp, clean Lager.

Weiz Guy (Hefeweizen) - A nod to the wise guys in the brew team who created this mighty good beer. Weiz Guy achieved a Best in Class trophy in the Wheat and other Grain category of the 2016 Brewers Guild Awards. Wise guys indeed!

Kapai (NZ APA) - Embracing the 100% kiwiness of our Aotearoa Pale Ale, it's only been a small evolution to better reflect the true character of this beer (oh and of course APA just happens to sit in the middle of the word. Muy Kapai!). 

Tomahawk (A new American Pale Ale for Tuatara) - Doubling as the name of a missile, we wanted a name with a bit of grunt behind our new APA.

Amarillo (A new American Dark Ale for Tuatara) - This American Dark Ale was named in honour of the hop, and also for the country and western song, which our sales manager has a penchant for singing during karaoke.

Our other beers will follow with new packaging over the coming months.

In the meantime, here's a guide to finding your beer of choice:

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