New name revealed for Wellington Tasting Room

Posted on Monday 02/02/2015

You know it's not in our nature to drip feed.

A steady pour is always welcome when it comes to stymieing thirst. However, we've had to revert to a bit of drip-feeding when it came to fresh news about our new Wellington tasting room.

We put that down to months of obligatory resource consents, sourcing, then laying down recycled wood fittings and chipping our way through one-foot layers of pigeon crap left behind by the previous tenants.

But you'll be pleased to know we're getting through the "To Do" list.

  • Sprucing up illustrious, historical building. Tick.
  • Acquiring legendary bar manager. Tick.
  • Shiny, new microbrewery. Tick.
  • Staff Xmas party to christen the premises. Tick.

And now we have our name. Which we're not so much yelling from the rooftops as projecting it from the side of the building…

So let us introduce you to The Third Eye – our very own temple of taste – and what we hope is a spirited addition to the dynamic Craft Beer Capital.


There's been a few queries about why we chose the name "The Third Eye". Well, while most of us are familiar with the mystical concept of the third eye, some may not be aware that the tuatara possesses an actual supernumerary eye on top of its tiny noggin.

This enigmatic, evolved optic addition – also known as the third eye – allows it to instinctively undertake vital habitual processes such as circadian rhythms, thermoregulation and wotnot.

We thought the dual nature of this eponym was pretty fitting for our new posse. Whilst our own circadian rhythms are more determined by the alarm clock for crack-of-dawn brews, brewing is a habitual process for us.

We'll also be tapping into our proverbial third eye to evolve brewing techniques and conjure some higher, extra-sensory perceptions to craft beer palates.

Richard (brewery head boy) says The Third Eye's inner city location in the historical Boys Institute Building – "ground-zero within Wellington's craft scene" – is ideal for getting Tuatara amongst the wider craft community.

"The Third Eye microbrewery and tasting room is where we can get a little more creative and push the boundaries of our brewing with more inventive techniques, flavours and limited release and special brews.

"Our microbrewery will be our research and development centre, where we'll have a brewer-in-residence, and undertake innovative testing of beers.

"These Third Eye brews will be available for tasting and punters can fill up their riggers, flaggons and growlers, and the microbrewery will also be open to the public for functions and events.

"Having the Third Eye in the heart of the Cuba Quarter will also let us get amongst the Wellington craft community and get into some more creative collaborations within the hospitality industry."

The previously mentioned legendary general manager/squire of The Third Eye, is one Mr. Scott Boswell, with whom many in the Welly craft beer community will already be well acquainted (what with him having previously managed stalwart craft beer bar, Malthouse, and The Hop Garden).

"In many ways I've grown up alongside Tuatara. I started working at The Malthouse in 2001 when the first barrels of Tuatara arrived, lugged upstairs by Carl and Simone themselves," says Scott.

"In my 15 years of serving the best of beer to Wellingtonians its been a privilege to be part of many punters' "A-ha!" moments, a part of their own journey of discovery and revelation. At The Third Eye I'm looking forward to continuing to enthuse, to excite, to challenge, and to tempt."

Scott and the team still have a few things to cross off the list before The Third Eye is scheduled to open doors in mid-February.

But no need to tap into your higher senses to find out when – just follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for regular updates. #thethirdeye

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