Tuatara Brewing Co. - Looking to the future

Posted on Wednesday 19/10/2016

It's been exciting times for Tuatara Brewing Co., not only did their brewers scoop ultimate endorsement for their beers with Best in Class trophies for Sauvinova, Mot Eureka and Weiz Guy at the recent NZ Brewers Guild Awards, but these beers will also have 'new skins' appearing on shelf over the coming weeks.

The process of updating names and packaging has been an 18-month project coming to fruition in November. It was the opinion of the Tuatara team, that the beers had evolved from traditional styles, Czech pilsners, and Munchen lagers, to now established, Kiwi styles (with unique tastes and aromas) through the use of more New Zealand ingredients. So the goal for new packaging has been to develop name and packaging conventions that better reflect the beers in the range.

"We're really excited about the new packaging. The goal is for the outside of the bottle to look as great as the brown stuff tastes in it!" says Tuatara General Manager, Rob Wiles.

For further inquiries, please email Blair Harley (Tuatara Brewing Co. Acting General Manager) - blair@tuatarabrewing.co.nz

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