Foxhole Commemorative Pale Ale - Saluting ANZACS & 100 years of the RSA

Posted on Friday 22/04/2016

This year the RSA celebrates 100 years of supporting those who have served and sacrificed, as well as leading New Zealand in remembering those who didn’t come back.

It's oft been said that New Zealand came of age in the trenches of WWI. We grew up under fire. We lost our wide-eyed innocence and far too many of our best young men.

But in that cauldron we also forged our values: courage, commitment, comradeship and compassion. Those brave ANZAC Diggers created – out of the very mud of their foxholes – the future we enjoy today.

The RSA has embodied that history and those values for 100 years and this beer is our salute to them and the soldiers of Aotearoa's past and present.

Tuatara joined forces with the RSA to create Foxhole, a limited release, sessionable 4.5% Commemorative Pale Ale brewed with both New Zealand and Australian hops, which will be available in bars, select RSA bars and its new Foxhole cafés opening around the country, and exclusively available in select Countdown supermarkets, who support a number of other RSA initiatives.

Proceeds from sales of Foxhole Pale Ale will be used to support New Zealand’s current and former returned and service personnel, and their families.

Blair Harley, Tuatara Sales Manager, said the opportunity to work with the RSA on the commemorative brew had been a real privilege for Tuatara.

“We wanted something that represented the ANZAC spirit, and the New Zealand and Australian hop combination resulted in a really lovely, sessionable beer over which we can salute our brave countrymen, past and present.

“Being able to support the RSA for its 100 years of dedication to Kiwi service men and women, and the wider community - it’s meant a lot to us to be able to do so, especially at a time of year that’s so significant to us as a country."

David Moger, RSA Chief Executive, says a centenary beer to mark RSA’s 100th birthday seemed both poignant and particularly suitable.

“It’s certainly worth raising a glass to. Service personnel and beer have had a strong relationship for centuries.

“New Zealand troops fighting in the First World War received beer brewed from home. To this day, both in RSAs across New Zealand and in other, more personal commemorations, the Fallen are toasted and drank to.

“The RSA has been offering hospitality for nearly all of our 100-year history – and, like anything, you’ve got to refresh how and what you’re offering from time to time. The Foxhole Café is the RSA’s new public-facing café/restaurant. Beside the RSA Foxhole Pale Ale, we’re significantly changing the standard RSA fare, towards lighter, healthier foods, and good, fresh coffee.

“Tuatara Brewery was also very enthusiastic and supportive of our fundraising efforts. It has a strong value alignment with the RSA – they’re uniquely about New Zealand (but not adverse to going overseas), and they support what’s going on in the community, with a great range of special edition beers.”

So join us and the RSA in saluting those who serve, have served and gone before.

Foxhole Pale Ale is pouring now in select bars, and will be available in 500ml bottles exclusively in select Countdown supermarkets from 29 April.

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