US APA Re-launch

It's been several months since we could last get our hands on the quantities of American hops needed to brew our flagship American Pale Ale. The last time it was brewed was for the Hopstock event which took place at Fork & Brewer on May 1st.

Although it was tasting great at Hopstock (Cheers Carl & Mike!), it's re-appearance was somewhat overshadowed by the limited release of our Mayday! Imperial Pale Ale and Conehead Green Hop IPA at the same event, two firsts for us. The Mayday! also used truckloads of the same hops as the US APA (Simcoe & Zythos specifically for you hop-heads) which meant much less of the US APA was brewed at that time.

But this event is all about the APA! Welcome back an old friend on tap at Hashigo Zake this Wednesday the 21st November from 5pm. US APA's kiwi namesake (Aotearoa Pale Ale) will also be pouring on tap on the evening.

Check out the event on our Facebook

Cheers from the team at Tuatara!

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