Tuatara loves PledgeMe

On the evening of April 17th, a well deserved celebration was held across three Tory Street venues in Wellington to celebrate the milestone of $1million dollars of crowdfunding raised through PledgeMe's online platform.

We at Tuatara were stoked to be given the opportunity to provide the well deserved beverages for these celebrations, and we were happy to hear that our brews were thoroughly enjoyed by guests throughout speeches, live entertainment, and of course some solid partying across Puppies, Poquitos, and Hawthorn Lounge.

PledgeMe is New Zealand's crowdfunding platform for Kiwis, fronted by its lovely co-founder Anna Guenther. Crowdfunding is a fantastic concept that allows individuals to pledge funding toward helping all sorts of talented people to kick off, continue, or complete a goal or a project. Projects are generally focused on helping entrepeneurs, artists, good samaritans, and other motivated and gifted individuals realise thier dreams or make a difference.

We also donated a Tuatara prize pack for PledgeMe's #thanksamillion social media competition; the prize going to the best use of social media during the events. PledgeMe communicated in their newsletter that they got a lot of amazing entries such as shots of crowdsurfing and love notes to event performer Minuit, but thier favorite entry really talked about what crowdfunding is all about - your crowd. The winner was @miramarmike via Twitter with this lovely message:

'#thanksamillion to those that put their hearts and dreams online for all of us to vote with our clicks. Love you @pledgeme for the space'

Congrats to Miramar Mike, we hope you're enjoying the Tuatara APA and the T-Shirts.
We also second your message - PledgeMe, we think you guys are choice!

View more photos from the event in our gallery.
Check out the latest inspiring projects on PledgeMe's website, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

The Team at Tuatara

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