Tuatara goes California Cool at Monterey

At Tuatara, we take beer quality seriously and we like to think our stockists and venues do too. That certainly does not mean everything has to be boring though. One of our favourite venues is Monterey in Newtown, Wellington. As well as being a top bar and café, we love their funky, cheeky attitude. Here is how they describe themselves on their website:

“We have; burgers made with homemade sauces, quality produce and herbs and leaves from our garden, cocktails from last two centuries made with homemade syrups, fresh fruit and proper liquor, soft drinks that you can’t buy at the dairy next door for half the price, weekend brunch that isn’t just poached eggs six ways, tables you can sketch or write on, staff who aren’t just waiting to finish their bachelor of marketing and move to Auckland, music that isn’t downloaded but on vinyl, books that smell like your grandma and games that remind you of being a kid.”

Monterey serves a number of Tuatara beers on tap, pouring them into a 350ml glass, 500ml glass or 1000ml jug. We caught up with Joseph from Monterey to get a bit more information. He explained that the bar’s name was a reference to an area in California which hosted a lot of writers and authors in the 1960s because “we are kind of mid-century California themed here.”

In terms of picking Tuatara to headline their beer list, Joseph said “the main reason we went with Tuatara was because we wanted to work with an independent company making really good beer. Tuatara was a pretty perfect fit with our style and they were close by as well. Our customers are all very keen about Tuatara and it is selling very well. The APA is flying out of the door. It is a great match with our California/Americana theme.”

Monterey is also a finalist in two categories of the Fifth Annual Wellingtonista Awards – Best Suburban Destination and Best Service. Here is how the Wellingtonista crowd justified the Best Suburban Destination nomination:

“Who knew that drinking in Newtown didn’t have to involve sports? The good people of Kreuzberg Cafe opened up this joint in a small former Vietnamese restaurant, and it’s worth leaving the city for. The mac’n cheese is amaaaazing (although off the menu for summer, grrr), Tuatara beer is on tap, and they make fabulous cocktails and three kinds of pie every day.”

If you listen very carefully, you can almost hear the Tuatara brewery crew going “mmmmm… three kinds of pie…”

Voting closes on 1 December 2010 so be sure to make your vote count.


Cheers from the team at Tuatara 

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