Tuatara Belgian Tripel Launch

Tripel Tap BadgeThis blog formally announces the launch of our latest beer, 'Tuatara Belgian Tripel'.

Tripel is a Belgian style strong golden ale packed full of flavour, most notably from its Ardennes yeast and Styrian Goldings Hops, and sits at a respectable 8.5% ABV.

Tripel will be launched on tap at LBQ (Little Beer Quarter) on Wednesday 27th Feb from 6pm. After that event it will be available in 650ml bottles like our Double Trouble.

As we've made clear via social media on several occasions, Tuatara Tripel is a recreation of what our award-winning 'Tuatara Ardennes' was like when Carl first brewed it in 2001. Back in those days, an 8.5% beer wasn't readily welcomed by punters or bars - so we toned it down to the 6.5% Ardennes you all know. Even that was a stretch at the time!

Ardennes then went on to be a stalwart favourite in our core range for over a decade, and gathered many fans over the years who appreciated the unique style and flavour - especially before the NZ craft beer wave took off in the late 2000s and local brewers became more adventurous.

So for those of you still wondering "What?! Why no Ardennes?!", we direct your attention to Exhibit A. This. This is why. It's time for Tuatara Ardennes to stretch its wings and become the beer it always wanted to be, re-released under a new distinguishable identity.

Carl has enjoyed brewing Tripel to the specifications outlined in his old recipe, and is very pleased to be able to take it back to its roots - although he may have let slip it's not impossible that special batches of 6.5% "Ardennes" will pop up again from time to time.

Everyone is welcome, and important Tuatara folk will be on site on the evening too for a yarn - we might even shout you a glass if you're lucky! Hope to see you there!

The Team at Tuatara

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