Our Amazing Travelling Beervana Brewery Booth

Here at Tuatara HQ we are gearing up for the biggest Beervana yet. Lots of clever people are scurrying around to get things ready, because this year... we've decided to put on a bit of a show!

Firstly, we're doing something inventive and resourceful with the construction of our bar/booth and it is looking fantastic! We won't give too much away - but we've taken a simple idea and had it done professionally.

Even more exciting than a sweet new Beervana bar though, is the fact that we'll be hosting some very special guests. It's official! Your favourite 'Amazing Travelling Photobooth' will be helping us run our show!

They'll be bringing along thier special Expand-a-booth, self described as "less booth, more amazing". These guys are clever, and have taken their usual boothiness a step further - opening the booth out and staging the backdrop like the interior of Tuatara Brewery itself!

So make sure you head on down to our stand at least once during the four Beervana sessions to get a free photo snapped with your friends and our staff, having a Tuatara brew "IN THE BREWERY!". If you're lucky and time it right, you'll also get the chance to get snapped with one of our brewers Carl or Mike in their natural habitat.

We all know that ironically, vintage looking folk are some of the techiest people around (other than us beer geeks) and these guys are no exception. The Amazing Travelling Photobooth will be casting the photos and updates directly over our twitter account during the event, along with some other neat social media event integration.

So make sure you're following us on Twitter @tuataranz if you're not already, and them too at @amzngphotobooth!

We're very excited about this one - See you there!

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