Double without the trouble - having your crate and drinking it too

Whilst we may have a reputation as purveyor of some of the hoppiest, and therefore, strongest craft beers around, Tuatara supports responsible drinking by ensuring passionate craft drinkers have a couple of other options to keep their wits, dignity and driver's licenses intact.

And, of course, this has been brought soberly into focus by the new blood alcohol limits for Kiwi drivers, which kicked in on December 1.

So for the upcoming summer, silly season and beyond, we're introducing our double without the trouble, ITI and Outrigger.

Many of you are already well acquainted with ITI (meaning "little" in Te Reo Maori). It's the junior partner in the six-strong Tuatara pale ale line-up with an ABV of just 3.3%. It's also the first and only low alcohol craft beer in the local craft industry widely available to the market in six packs.

Outrigger is our new mid-range sessionable pale ale with an ABV of 4.5% - a light, clean refreshing drop, tailor-made for a South Pacific summer and loaded with suitably tropical hints of passion fruit, pineapple and mango from the latest Australian Galaxy hops.

Tuatara's Head Boy, Richard says Tuatara advocate responsible drinking and wanted to give craft drinkers an option for more widely available, low to mid-range, yet authentic craft beers, especially with the warmer months on the way and the new drink driving laws.

With ITI, it took six months of tinkering to get the brew just right. We tapped into the palates of 200 people from the hospitality industry for feedback, and altered our batches accordingly.

The constant balance between tweaking and feedback paid off, with ITI winning Best in Class for Lower Strength Beer in New World's Beer & Cider Awards.

"It was hugely important that we made this lower strength beer something that people would really want to drink, so getting feedback straight from hop heads was integral to the whole brewing process."says Carl, Founder and Head Brewer.

"It's no mean feat getting a low alcohol beer to moonlight as the real deal."

"The trouble is the best conduit to flavour is alcohol, and to fully release the unbridled savagery of a mega-hopping regime you need some big numbers.

"That can test your stamina if you don't want to spend the evening either dancing on the table or sleeping under it."

Check outhow ITI and Outrigger stack up against our current Tuatara brews under the new drink driving laws:

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