Conehead & Hopstock - 2013 Hop Harvest

It's been a while since we last posted. It seems like just yesterday we were releasing the Tuatara Tripel at LBQ - but of course it's actually been almost two months. So apologies if you've seen Tuatara things and events happening and have come here for the gossip. On that note, let me take this opportunity to remind you that we indeed have a Facebook page which we update regularly with info and field questions from you lot.

In common with our last blog, this post is also covering a Tuatara beer release. Yesterday (Wednesday 10th April) saw Tuatara Conehead '2013 Harvest' released at Malthouse on Courtenay Place in Wellington as part of a bigger local green-hopped-beer event, Craft Beer Capital Hopstock. Throwing hops straight from the vine into the brew, undisciplined by kiln drying or other modes of professional behaviour, is called green-hopping. Hopstock is a three day Wellington event showcasing eight beers brewed to this specification.

The beers are available right now through Friday, and spread across twelve Wellington venues. The beers mainly come from upper South Island breweries, near or in Nelson where the hops are grown. Us at Tuatara and our friends at Fork & Brewer are supplying Wellington's two contributions. Craft Beer Capital plans to give local brewers more notice next year, so expect to see more green beers from Wellington breweries being featured at Hopstock 2014.

You’ll notice two things about this year’s Conehead. First is the drinking experience. Lots of lychee, gooseberry, passionfruit and citrus along with a balanced bitterness; a surprisingly mature ale given its callow credentials. These characters can be laid at the door of massive amounts of Nelson Sauvin in the hopback along with Citra and Amarillo in the boil. It should be enjoyed in the same way the hops were added – as fresh as humanly possible.

So our Conehead has fittingly been paired with our home away from home, Malthouse, and as such the beer will initially be exclusively available there for the Hopstock 10-12 April period. Following Hopstock, the beer will be available to stockists in kegs from Saturday 13th and bottles Wednesday 17th April. There's also going to be a bit of a surprise for you all when the bottled Conehead goes retail, something we're all very excited about here at Tuatara. Keep and eye on our Facebook and twitter!

The Team at Tuatara

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